Junio Dia Salves

Juninho Neves, a name that stands out in music in Toronto. The Pernambucano artist is conquering listeners of radio in Toronto with his Hits, Pernambuco, will freak, Dindin and Stay With Me. With inspiration Lining and Pop, Juninho Neves composes his own songs.

Between Singer and Composer Projects the video clip ‘will freak’ and ‘Dindin’ will be ready soon and his first CD ‘Stay with me’ will be ready in July of this year. Moving forward there are exciting new projects that involves participation in bands in Pernambuco and in the state of Sao Paulo as well as playing throughout Brazil.

http://youtu.be/qE2lc-RTgI8 http://youtu.be/8RlsfKEdW7o