Prof. Sapo

Professor Sapo (Gerdson Dias Alves) was born in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. Sapo spent his childhood in a coastal city called Olinda, where he was first exposed to Capoeira when he was 8 years old and instantly felt a deep connection to it. Sapo soon began to train Capoeira with an admirable dedication and passion. After many years of practice, Sapo has reached the rank of Professor in Capoeira. This marked the beginning of his life-long journey and development as a Capoeira instructor working intensively in schools, festivals, city projects, and missions for street youth.

Sapo has participated in many Capoeira encounters in Brazil, North. He continues to travel around the world teaching Capoeria classes, performing in events and demonstrating his Capoeira skills: fight, dance, and acrobatics. He is an avid choreographer and also performs in various Brazilian Folkloric performance groups.