Prof. Superhomem

Professor Superhomem is from Recife in the Northeast of Brazil. He has 20 years of experience in Capoeira, including 15 years teaching. He started capoeira in groupo Raizes de Capoeira with Mestre Galva, training under Mestre Onca. Superhomem trained with Mestre Onca for ten years before being invited to join Ache Brasil by Contra Mestre Gordo and Mestre Eclilson de Jesus. He has taught in Palmares, Goiania, Maceio and Recife. After teaching for four years with Ache Brasil, Professor Superhomem had the opportunity to come teach in Canada in 2005. He began teaching at the academy in Vancouver, and soon moved to Calgary. He has also attended capoeira events in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Canmore and Squamish. At the batizado in 2006 Superhomem received his professor’s belt from Mestre Eclilson.

In Brazil Superhomem volunteered with UNESCO teaching capoeira in community schools. He also taught underprivileged children under the Department of Sport, Recreation and Culture of Recife (DACD).