Prof. Frankenstein

Professor Frankenstien (Roberval Da Silva) has been training capoeira for over 25 years, and has been instructing students in Calgary for over 10 years. ‘Frankie’ has traveled all over the world to perform, teach, and spread capoeira and now teaches dedicated students in Calgary Alberta. With all this experience he brings a plenitude of expert knowledge to the group. His unique skill set has also given him the opportunity to work for Shaw Communications in their People Power Commercials and internal videos.

Camara Calgary has been involved in multiple events around the city including Fiestaval, Lilac Festival, Sun & Salsa, the Hispanic Arts Festival, Fourplus Urban Arts Expo, Legacies and more. Frankie has long since believed that Capoeira could be implemented as a method of self-improvement to students attending an open school environment. Since living in Brazil he has participated as a key coordinator with the government on projects to keep kids off the streets. In Calgary Frankie has performed and participated in community programs such with the Boys and Girls Club, Calgary Board of Education, City of Calgary After School/Starburst Program and the University of Calgary. He continues to give to the Calgary Community with his most recent project Vila Brasil, a performance group dedicated to sharing his Brazilian culture in a way Calgary has not yet experienced.