About Brazilian Heat

Brazilian Heat is a Family Friendly Brazilian Arts Event, held Saturday September 8, 2018 in Calgary. The Festival will showcase Local and National Brazilian Musicians and Dancers. The event will allow Calgarians to explore traditions of late and modern day Brazil. As Brazil’s global presence continues to grow it is important to understand this nation’s diverse culture. Brazilian Heat, different from most, aims to provide Affordable Family Fun and allow public of all ages to not only observe these traditions in action, but also to connect with them through interactive workshops. The focus is not only to bring community together, but to support local culture and art!

Brazilian Heat is an Expo of Brazilian Culture and Arts. This event will recognize and promote local and national Musicians & Dancers. The focus will be on Art, but there will be an aspect of education on Brazilian Culture, including workshops and a mosaic of the History of Brazil.

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Brazilian Heat Vision

It is the intention of the Brazilian Heat coordinators to Build Community in Calgary through Artistic Thought and Expression; Meanwhile Developing and Uniting the Brazilian Artists of Calgary & Canada to create broader and more diverse performances. Not secondary to this vision, it is with great intention Brazilian Heat coordinators aim to create educational venues for the youth of Calgary & Canada to learn and participate in the Brazilian Culture and Arts.

Behind the Vision of Brazilian Heat

  1. Supporting Independent Artists in the City byway of Payment, Promotion & Professional Development
  2. Further Develop Integration between Artistic Designations
  3. Provide General Public the Opportunity to Experience & Participate in New Arts and Culture in their Community


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